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Senior Integration Analyst

  • Place of work: Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Company: VÚB bank
  • Wage (gross): Minimum salary starts at 2.500 EUR/month based on relevant experience.

Information about the position

The Senior Integration Analyst is an analytical-functional position with direct reporting to the team leader. It prepares the analytical outputs necessary for understanding the specified change request, which are the input for the detailed design of the implementation of the solution in the field of application (online/batch) integration. The analyst processes complex business requirements and transforms them into detailed analytical knowledge, verifies the feasibility of the proposed solution in the existing functional service model of the bank (BIAN), complements the proposed solutions with detailed information, conditions, requirements or restrictions on the feasibility of the requirements with a complete (End2End) understanding business context and identified impacts on the functional environment of the application or business area. He/She consults outputs with business contractors, architects and technical analysts, department developers and ensures the quality of deliveries in order to ensure the required standardization and integration of business functionality for the VÚB group environment in the given area. He/She improves and develops the entrusted area with the aim of the highest efficiency in meeting business requirements. Maintains and develops standards in the field of unified data model, proposes changes to simplify the use of the application at acceptable risks and cost responsibility.

Responsibilities of Integration Analyst:

  • Builds a strong partnership with internal customers and colleagues
  • Analyzes proposals for changes in detail, and its outputs are input for detailed design
  • Provides expertise on technical and functional areas (domains) for projects and other forms of initiatives, monitors, identifies and evaluates technological trends, anticipates new possibilities and supports their introduction
  • Develops acceptable detailed specifications and implementation requirements for existing platforms, but also designs new platforms with innovative features and added value for the client
  • Delivers its outputs preferably using EA Sparx or similar modeling tools
  • Develops and maintains architecture objects, their mutual relations and attributes in a common repository in accordance with processes (e.g. DEMAND/CHANGE/SDLC)
  • Provides mentoring support to junior colleagues in the preparation of solutions and the use of related best practices
  • Prepares information and relevant inputs for the bank’s management to support decision-making
  • Participates, revises, proposes and accepts changes in relevant project outputs on assigned solutions (project plan, functional analyses, technical designs, test strategies)
  • Prepares, assesses and evaluates various IT solution alternatives and recommends the most optimal solutions
  • Communicates, explains and argues proposals for simple changes on a regular Architecture review board
  • Supports the creation of work procedures affecting the analytical activity of the team
  • Proposes, revises and argues the requirements and selection criteria in the RFP/RFI, evaluates alternatives for the proposed solutions and evaluates them from the point of view of the agreed criteria
  • Supports Integration Architects in their activities, where analyzes of the current IT application portfolio are required in order to identify missing functionalities and supports proposed solutions
  • Independently and/or as a leader manages the analytical activity in order to achieve the required outputs that meet the usability criteria for detailed design or similar activity for the purpose of analyzing the requirement or proposing a solution.

Requirements for the employee

Required Technical and Professional Expertise:

  • Strong analytical thinking, pro-client orientation, change management
  • Strong communication skills
  • Independence at work and the effort to find solutions
  • Ability to communicate with people from business, but also colleagues in IT and/or external suppliers in order to find solutions
  • Is responsible for the trouble-free operation of banking applications entrusted to him/her – analyzes and comprehensively solves incidents and problems in order to correct functionality, proactively proposes changes that make the work of users easier, more efficient, faster, proposes monitoring and supports development teams with his/her outputs
  • Supervises the correctness and cleanliness of data models in accordance with the unified data model (CDM)
  • Proposes the automation of repeatable activities in order to make human work more efficient and better
  • Suggests alternative ways of working for users and their use of applications in order to prevent errors or provide alternative solutions
  • Participates in the creation of IT architecture with his/her proposals, manages simpler proposals for solutions
  • 5+ years of experience in the field of IT analysis, development and delivery and ideally the integration of IT solutions for medium or medium-sized organizations
  • Previous analytical or programming experience in the field of IT
  • Demonstrable experience in agile principles and/or Continuos Integration, Continuos Delivery and/or Deployment, toolsets JIRA, Ansible or similar
  • 5+ years of integration development, software and/or application development experience
  • Practical experience with the use of RESTful API, SOAP API, JMS, JDBC, PL/SQL, SQL, Micro-services, Canonical Data Model, identity management techniques, Kubernetes and/or similar
  • Practical experience with technologies and principles for batch data exchange
  • Experience with integration platforms IBM MQ, IBM ESB, IBM ACE, Oracle ESB, Oracle AQ
  • Practical experience with Oracle DB 11+ databases, MS SQL server
  • Practical experience with various data formats such as XML, JSON, CSV
  • Ability to work and create XSD schemas, WSDL, WADL or swagger-OpenAPI specifications
  • Experience with big data technologies, e.g. Apache Kafka, Apache Hadoop, Apache Nifi and similar
  • At least basic knowledge of enterprise integration patterns, enterprise application integration
  • Demonstrable experience with agile culture, with coordination and fulfillment of tasks through cooperation with internal and external teams
  • Experience with modeling techniques with Archimate 3.x standard, UML or similar, experience with macro/scripting languages
  • Practical experience with Sparx Enterprise Architect (designs in UML, BPMN, Archimate notations)
  • Experience with macro / scripting languages ​​such as Python or similar
  • Proven critical thinking skills, proven conflict management skills, excellent multi-tasking, prioritization and time management skills, high commitment and exemplary productivity
  • Able to accept goals outside his/her comfort zone, ready to study new topics, provide convincing presentations of his/her findings and synthesis of acquired knowledge
  • Desire to learn new things with the ability to use/pass on the acquired knowledge to colleagues
  • Successfully works in an individual and team environment
  • Knowledge of SW development, IT development trends, knowledge of architectural frameworks and methodologies (Togaf or others)
  • Knowledge of banking
  • Knowledge, experience with data and application modeling
  • English – B2 level.

Preferred Education: Master’s Degree

Employee perks, benefits

As an employee, you receive benefits that will grow as you grow with us. The longer you work with us, the more benefits you get. 

  • Performance reward. Once a year, you will receive a bonus, which depends on the fulfillment of company and your individual goals.
  • The employer fully pays for meals without additional payment by the employee.
  • Up to 10 days of paid leave beyond the scope of the law every year (and in addition, various purpose-paid days off, such as for preparing for a wedding or when a baby arrives in the family). We especially think of single parents who also have extra days off.
  • Credit in the VÚB Cafeteria is up to 300 EUR, which increases with the number of years of service.
  • Up to 100 EUR per month as a contribution to additional pension savings.
  • After 2 years in VÚB 275 EUR each year as a contribution to recreation in Slovakia.
  • 100 EUR per month in case of long-term incapacity for work.
  • Financial contribution at the birth of a child.
  • Sabbatical -3 months off with 50% salary.
  • An international health care program that includes obtaining a second medical opinion from experts, not only for the employee but also for their immediate family, as well as fully paid treatment at a foreign clinic in case of serious illnesses.
  • MultiSport card with access to sports grounds and recreational facilities throughout Slovakia and Czechia.
  • From 500 to 800 EUR as a reward for loyalty on a round anniversary.
  • Discounted products and services of VÚB bank, i.e., discounted rates on mortgages or loans, higher interest on savings products, cheaper leasing, keeping accounts for free or without fees for investing in mutual funds.
  • Professional advice of a personal banker for employees.
  • Rich possibilities for your personal development and professional training.
  • Support for your mental well-being and mental health.
  • 150 EUR allowance for a mobile phone and a flat rate for private purposes.
  • If you actively participate in improving life for your community or surroundings, you can receive an Employee Grant from VÚB Foundation.

Are you looking for, but have yet to find, among our benefits Home office? At VÚB bank, we do not see the home office as a benefit but as a usual way of working. We work SMART here! Upon agreement with the manager, you can work up to 80% of the time from home and receive a financial contribution for “teleworking.”

Brief description of the company

VÚB is the second largest bank in Slovakia with a license to provide a full range of banking services to the population, corporate and institutional clients. The focus of the offer is mortgage and consumer loans, deposit and payment products and services, installment sales, consulting, corporate banking and financing of foreign trade activities, consumer financing, leasing or factoring.

Through subsidiaries and associated companies, it offers services in the field of investments (Eurizon AM Slovakia) and pension savings (VÚB Generali). The bank is also an intermediary for a wide range of insurance products.

It provides its services through a wide network of business locations, which includes 118 retail branches, 8 Magnifica centers and 32 corporate branches designed to serve small and medium-sized businesses and one corporate branch in Prague.

Digi Talents Programme additional benefits

The job position is supported by the EU-funded labour mobility programme Digi Talents for ICT professionals between Slovakia and Ukraine. More information at 

In addition to the conditions and benefits from the company described above, the programme Digi Talents will provide you with additional benefits:

•  Cover your travel costs from Ukraine to Slovakia and back in total value up to 200 EUR

• Financial and/or in-kind support to cover your living costs (e.g. accommodation, insurance, pocket money and local transport fees) during the first two months of your stay in the total amount of up to 1800 EUR. Final amount of support provided may vary depending on scope of the services paid by programme and individual circumstances.

• Provision of professional courses in programming, English language, and Slovak language before and after arrival to Slovakia,

• Assistance with relocation, residence formalities, accommodation, and cultural orientation. Legal and administrative support during your stay in Slovakia. Cover fees for legal and administrative formalities related to your residence in total value up to 100 EUR.

• Participation in the programme is for free.

To apply for the job, you need to submit an application, see details at How to apply

If you have any questions, contact us via email

Brief description of the Digi Talents programme

Digi Talents programme is implemented with the financial assistance of the European Union, contracted by ICMPD through the Migration Partnership Facility. The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of EMA – Development and Mobility Agency (EMA) and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union and the one of ICMPD. The programme represents a unique opportunity to boost your professional career.

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