Follow your path to the Digi Talents programme

Application process

Step #1

Submit your application

Complete the application form in the section Apply and submit your CV along with the application.

Step #2

the interview

The selection committee reviews the applications and longlisted candidates are invited for the interview and hard-skills testing.

Step #3

Provide the required documents

Successful candidates get a pre-selection confirmation and are asked to provide the required documents.

Applications are processed on a rolling basis. As the programme offers only 30 positions, the applications are  processed on a rolling basis. Early applications are therefore highly encouraged.

If all conditions are met, candidates sign a contract with the “Digi Talents Programme”.

Matching with a company

Step #4

Wait for
a review

Candidates’ professional profiles are offered to the partnering ICT companies

Step #5

Sign your 1-year

Based on personal interviews with companies, successful candidates are offered 1-year employment in Slovakia

Step #6

for the departure

Programme participants prepare for departure, benefiting from logistical and pre-departure assistance, and take part in specialised programming and language training.

Travel to Slovakia and start a job

Step #7

your career

Participants travel to Slovakia and receive help with residence formalities and orientation.

They start work and receive further specialised ICT and/or language training.

Step #8

Decide what’s

After completing the 12-month employment, the programme participants either continue with jobs in Slovakia or return to Ukraine, depending on personal preferences and agreement with their employer.

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