your DigiTalent
in Slovakia

Are you a woman in IT? Jumpstart your career and
work for 12 months in a leading IT company in Slovakia.

Digi Talents is a mobility programme between Slovakia and Ukraine supporting
young ICT professionals in Ukraine. This career development programme
offers 12-month employment at leading ICT companies in Slovakia
implemented by EMA – Development and Mobility Agency and funded by the
European Union.

Safety and
support with:



and Employment

Meet your company

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What does
the programme offer?

employment contract

with a monthly gross salary starting
from 1,600 EUR

costs support

during your first two months in
Slovakia for up to 1,600 EUR

We will provide you with
cost-free support and

Assist you with relocation and residence formalities in Slovakia

Cover your travel costs from Ukraine to Slovakia

Assist you with finding accommodation

Pay courses in programming, English language, and Slovak language

Help you with cultural orientation training upon arrival to Slovakia

Give you legal and administrative support during your stay in Slovakia